Certified Trainer (dvct)

To reach maximum flexibility and proficiency as a Business Trainer!

PREMIUM Training Scheme in 5 modules leading to the dvct examination

We recommend you to do this PREMIUM Training if you …

  • want to excel yourself from other providers having enjoyed a fundamental training scheme.
  • are looking for an individual training scheme that allows you a high degree of flexibility
  • are pursuing the trainer certification with Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training e.V.

Contents and system of the modular training scheme

It is up to you which modules you do at what time and in what order. Each module is a separate unit and is accomplished with an instutional certification.

You may take as much time as you wish to complete the training scheme.

1. You complete the following 3 mandatory modules:

… and on top you do 2 of the following 4 compact training courses:

In our training-scheme to become a trainer we integrate the systemic-constructivistic educational approach, outdoor education, impro drama, elements taken from the hypno-systemic approach, from NLP, from structural constellations as well as from art therapy.

2. Your degree

  • At the end of this training scheme, you are awarded our institutional certificate “Advanced Business Trainer”.
  • If you do more than the required 5 modules, we extend your PREMIUM Certificate accordingly.
  • On top, you have direct access to the examination with Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training e.V. (dvct) if you fulfill the following terms and conditions  Aufnahmebedingungen des dvct für Coachs erfüllen (S.2).
  • We make sure that you are prepared perfectly to accomplish the examination as a dvct-approved trainer.

3. Terms and conditions for this training scheme (19 days):

  • EUR 7,995.00
  • EUR 21.00 catering package per day included, plus 19% VAT
    (the price is based on our year 2017 fees for compact trainings)

4. Your synergetic options

  • You can use up to two of the above-mentioned modules for the Coach Training-Scheme (dvct) and vice versa.
  • This way you can save 8 training days / EUR 3,298.00 if you pursue both certificates (Trainer and Coach).

What is so special about our training schemes?

  • Our flexibility is your freedom of choice!
  • You may book every module individually. You do not need to commit yourself to the complete set of training courses.
  • Valuable certificates awarded also for single modules!
    Prior to the dvct examination you receive valuable institutional certificates. Each module is a separate compact training that enables the participant to become an expert in the respective field.
  • Combining modules reduces the fees for further qualifications!
    You can use several modules to accomplish various PREMIUM Training Schemes. Find more information on  PREMIUM Overview Training & Coaching.


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